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Logging on at the Men's Shed

It was great to see a picture of Daithi at the Men's Shed using the PC we donated in the New Ross Standard this week.Daithi Brindley at the computer which was kindly donated to the chairman of the Men's Shed Lalo Malone By Nolan Transport

Nolan Transport Supports Operation "Slow Down"

As you may be aware the Garda Siochana have issued a statement for Operation "Slow Down" 2013 which states;

From 7am on Friday 31st May to 7am on Saturday 1st June, An Garda Siochana, along with other stakeholders, will run Operation "Slow Down".

The objectives of the Operation are to raise awareness of the dangers of inappropriate and excessive speed, reduce the number of speed related collisions, and therefore save lives and reduce injuries on our roads.
Nolan Transport have been conducting our own "slow down" initiative over the last few months by placing a speed limit advisory sign in our yards and sticking an image of it on all of the drivers pay slips;

By decreasing your speed by just 5 km/h it would not only save lives but it will also cut fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

Read more about cutting fuel consumption and pollutant emissions @

Read more about "Operation Slow Down&quo…

Mount Leinster Challenge 2013

Nolan Transport were glad to sponsor the Mount Leinster Challenge 2013 which took place on Friday the 17th of May.

Organisers, Slaney Cycle Club, posted the following response to the event

Thanks to everyone who attended Yesterdays Mount Leinster Challenge and made it, We think, one of the best yet. The weather was a huge bonus. None of the rain forecast-ed arrived and we had bright sunshine for most of the day. Sorry about the headwind on the way out but it became a good friend on the final run for home!

Thanks to all our volunteers who assisted us today on the MLC.

Special thanks to the people who make this event so special - the cheerful, hard working, dedicated team at the Kiltealy food stop. The event would be nothing without this team who year after year go above and beyond the call of duty to provide such a great and welcome spread. Chapeau!

Q&A with an NT Driver

Driver: Lukasz, 28, from Poland
How long have you been driving trucks?
7 years.

How long have you worked at Nolan Transport?
Since January 2011.

Can you describe your last job?
So, I started in France with a collection in Rennes and drove up to Caen. I got the night ferry from Caen to Portsmouth and the next day I drove to Carlisle in Cumbria to offload. Next I drove to Blyth for a collection and back to Liverpool to drop the trailer at the port.

What is your favourite country to drive in?
I like driving in France because the roads are really good and it has the best signage in all of Europe.

What is your favourite country to eat in?

Favourite meal there?

What do you like to eat when you go home to Poland?
Bigos, which is cabbage with meat.

What do you like about the job?
I love having so much knowledge about Europe – the countries and the roads.

What do you not like about your job?
Not knowing if, or when, there will be work.

Did you always want to be driver?
Yes, since I was a littl…

Industry News: Ferry Bunker and other Fuel surcharges

Ferry Bunker and other Fuel surcharges, feature at Short Sea 2013 Paris conference. source:IEA-Transport and Shipping Ezine May 2013 Edition
While Bunker fuel surcharges have been a feature of the unitised sea freight business ever since the first oil crisis, the imminent arrival of the European Special environmental Control Area (SECA) is now giving rise to serious thought and actions by Shipping Lines and Ports. At the Short Sea 2013, held in Paris in March and chaired by Glenn Murphy of the IMDO, the issue was set out very starkly. Northwest European waters have been divided into two zones, an outer zone with its eastern boundaries, a line between Land's End in England and Brest in Brittany and enclosed by a line running from the northwest corner of Scotland, west of Shetland and to a point half way up the west Norwegian Coast. The area enclosed, basically the English Channel, the North Sea and the Baltic, has been designated as a Special Environmental Control Area (SECA) due,…

Spreading the good news about Irish timber

In October 2012 Nolan Transport were featured in the Farmers Journal's Forestry section in relation to the transportation of sawn Sitka spruce to be used in an exhibition in Venice.

Have a look at the full article @

Donation to the New Ross Men's Shed

Nolan Transport was delighted to donate a much needed desktop computer to the New Ross Men's Shed.

Collecting the computer on behalf of the shed were Lalo Malone and Tommy Dwyer, who said that it is the first computer for the shed and will make a huge difference. They added that there is very eager 82 year old named Daithi, who will have "a new lease of life" with it. It will be very useful for the shed, especially as a means of networking and communicating with other sheds.
The New Ross Men's Shed is located in the Irishtown and is one of many sheds in the county. Established over a year ago, it provides a space where men can come together to work on projects, learn new skills and socialise. It is a welcoming and stimulating environment that is completely alcohol and drug free. There are currently 14 men working at the shed and a major project that they are working on is the 'Three Rivers' project. The product of this will be a 12 x 5 foot, 1.5 tonne wooden…