Recent CPC Training

In January of this year, 12 Nolan Transport employees took a Transport Management CPC training course in our new training facility at the Nolan Transport premises. CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence and in order to gain this certificate, a candidate must attend an approved and certified course and successfully pass the exam.

The course instructor was Manus Mulligan of Robin Mulligan Ltd, a leading transport training provider in the road haulage sector. The training took place over 7 days between 3rd and 31st January. Many subjects were covered, including Route Planning and Road Safety, Health and Safety Legislation, and Accident Procedures and Prevention.

Following the course, the candidates had to sit an exam on 1st February. Kevin Fitzharris from the UK Desk described the exam as "intense". Paper one was from 10:30 to 13:00 and Paper two was from 14:30 to 17:30. Just 10% was multiple choice questions and the rest was written. Thankfully, all 12 passed and have since received their certificates.
The benefits of this training are that employees have a recognised qualification and that the knowledge gained will help them in their daily work. Kevin gave the example of a customer who rings up about an oversized load – "You would know the technical requirements and restrictions and whether you need to apply for a permit or not." He found the most useful subjects to be Technical Requirements and Tachographs & Hours of Driving. The most interesting subject was Contract Law, where the instructor gave examples of real court cases.

Congratulations to all who participated on a 100% pass rate!

Feedback from the participants:

"I found the tachograph section most interesting - it was a section which I had not dealt with before."
- Mag

"I really enjoyed the course although it was very intense. I found it extremely interesting and beneficial. I ENJOYED EVERY ASPECT OF IT."
 - Rayanne

"I found accounting and marketing most difficult. I found out a lot about transport that I had not previously known."
   - Mark

"I really enjoyed the course. The weights and measures were the most difficult aspect for me; I did not know there was so much involved in it."
 - Kathleen

"The CPC course helped me update my skills and added another qualification to my CV."
 - Colm


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